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I have made an application which shows the picture from the Kinect camera. I also have a speech recognition method. I'm trying to add functionality to do an action depending on the hand gesture (open/closed). I've learned that the InteractionStream can give me information about this.

I have tried implementing it, but when I run the application, the first lens from the left doesn't work (I don't even see the red light from there, and there is no image on the screen.)

When I comment all code connected with interactionStream (implementation/sending frames etc.), the camera works properly. The light shines and I can see my sad face.

Is possible that these streams work at the same time? Is this just a limitation of the Kinect?

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I solved this problem. When you will be in this same situation, you need to copy two files

  • KinectInteraction170_64.dll
  • KinectInteraction170_32.dll

from the two folders in Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\Developer Toolkit v1.7.0\Redist. Then, you need to paste them in the nameofyourproject/debug/bin folder. I also add them as existing item in the visual studio.

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