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create table USERS (  
    PK_USER int not null auto_increment primary key,  
    EMAIL varchar(100) not null,  
    PASSWORD char(40) not null  

create table CIRCLES (  
    PK_CIRCLE int not null auto_increment primary key,   
    CIRCLE varchar(45),  
    FK_CREATOR int,  
    foreign key(FK_CREADOR) references USERS(PK_USER)     

create table MEMBERS (  
    FK_MEMBERS int,  
    FK_CIRCLES int,  
    foreign key(FK_MEMBER) references USERS(PK_USER),  
    foreign key(FK_CIRCLE) references CIRCLES(PK_CIRCLE)  

is correct to have this dual reference to PK_USER? (for ref. USERS=USUARIOS, MEMBERS=MIEMBROS, CIRCLES=CIRCULOS, CREATOR=CREADOR)

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There's nothing wrong with it per se, but if MIEMBROS.FK_MIEMBRO is the same as the CIRCULOS.FK_CREADOR referenced by MIEMBROS.FK_CIRCULO then it would be a violation of 3NF. –  eggyal Jul 22 '13 at 15:05
I agree with what eggyal has said. But still when the number of data increase we have to sometime use denormalization. –  Krishna Rani Sahoo Jul 22 '13 at 15:11
thanks i already make queries and work fine, e.g if i want to know list the member's email & circle, and i use 2 inner join, but i get stuck when i want to put in the same list the email of the creator, WHAT i have to do? select EMAIL, CIRCLE, EMAIL as CREATOR from MEMBERS inner join USERS on PK_USER = FK_MEMBER inner join CIRCLES on PK_CIRCLE = FK_CIRCLE –  Weapon X Jul 22 '13 at 15:50

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By what I can «infer» they are playing two different roles :

  1. In CIRCULOS you're tracking WHO did the provisioning of the entity
  2. In MIEMBROS you're tracking the «membership» relation (a many-to-many relationship)

So: you're ok provided those were your intentions :)

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alright, thanks for answer, just using the members table and its references i can obtain email(member),circle (the name of), but how should i do if i want a query with email(member),email(owner),circle?? –  Weapon X Jul 23 '13 at 17:18
You should write TWO queries within a SINGLE script. The first one will select the HEAD info related to the circle, the second one will retrieve the members. Consider that all database access libraries provide you a mean to get access to multiple recordsets. Another approach, if you like to layer your db access code using stored procedures, would be to code a SP that will return two OUTPUT parameters and a record set. Consider also that some DB access libraries provide sofisticated tools such as «hierarchical recordset». –  Lord of the Goo Jul 23 '13 at 18:27
The näive solution: SELECT C.CIRCLE, U_OWN.EMAIL AS OWNER_EMAIL, U_MEM.EMAIL AS MEMBER_EMAIL FROM USERS U_OWN INNER JOIN CIRCLES C ON U_OWN.PK_USERS = C.FK_CREATOR CROSS JOIN USERS U_MEM INNER JOIN MEMBERS M ON U_MEM.PK_USER = M.FK_MEMBERS WHERE C.PK_CIRCLE = @PK_CIRCLE is often used as a «single-query» solution but I found it ugly, semantically not normalized, and not performant for very huge resultsets where a lot of data is replicated unnecessary. (query not tested) –  Lord of the Goo Jul 23 '13 at 18:29
THANKS A LOT! this work, just removed the where clause and return exactly what i want. –  Weapon X Jul 23 '13 at 20:41

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