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In my app, users can create modules ("mods" to avoid reserved naming) and can group them in modulegroups.

class User
  has_many :modulegroups
  has_many :mods, through :modulegroups

class Modulegroup
  belongs_to :user
  belongs_to :mod

class Mods
  has_many :modulegroups
  has_many :users, through :modulegroups

However, users should also be able to define the order mods appear in with respect to their module group. So I want to add an attribute, "rank" to each mod with respect to the group.

Because the same mod can have a different rank in one group than in another, it shouldn't be a column in the mods table, nor in the user's table. How would I define these ranks?

The closest answer on SO I can find to this is this one: has_many through form and adding attribute to join table

But my needs are a bit different and I'd prefer not to stick in an ugly SQL statement in the model. That doesn't seem right.

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You can get this right by adding in one more association. As you have set it up, you can't have a Mod in more than Modulegroup. Try this:

A Modulegroup should have many Mods and a Mod should belong to a Modulegroup.

What it sounds like you want to do is take this even further.

You want to create a new model, say ModelgroupMod which has two columns. These are module_group_id and mod_id. (we'll add rank in a sec)

Now you change the associartions again.

class Modulegrpoup
   has_many :mods, through: :modelgroup_mod

class Mod
  has_many :mods, through: :modelgroup_mod

class ModulegroupMod
   belongs_to :modulegroup
   belongs_to :mod

Now that you have this, you can add the rank column to ModulegroupMod and you can set a rank that is unique in every Modulegroup through the has_many, through call.

The SQL statement in from the other link is totally unnecessary because they're doing something that is a little different. What you might want to add though is a scope to ModuegroupMod where you order by rank.

default_scope :order('rank)
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Ah, okay. So now I can just make rank a property of ModulegroupMod? –  ajkochanowicz Jul 22 '13 at 15:13
Exactly. I added a little but to the answer. –  ovatsug25 Jul 22 '13 at 15:14
For anyone else with this problem, Harvest's Ranked-Model gem is an excellent solution for scoping ranks: github.com/mixonic/ranked-model –  ajkochanowicz Jul 22 '13 at 15:33

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