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does DoubleClick exchange support openRTB protocol?

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No. AdX has its own version of RTB protocol based on protobuff.

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Google Ad Exchange uses protobuf over HTTP Post and has it's own models. However, they've now released openrtb-doubleclick that will allow you to easily convert their requests to standard OpenRTB ones and vice versa.

If using maven you can use

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There is now OpenRTB and DoubleClick mapper by Google on Github.

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The openrtb-doubleclick library was a good start (and will continue to be available), with the major caveat that it's Java specific. But we're now working on native support for the OpenRTB protocol; pre-announcement here:!topic/openrtb-dev/lNnOQKLfyhU

This is in private beta at this time but we hope to have the GA release later this year.

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