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I'm trying to query freebase to find out all the people who were born in specific day of a year. That is all the people that were born on August 4th regardless to the year.

I tried two methods - trying to reflect certain date (example below) or querying for people with date_of_birth. I'm using regular expression something like: "date_of_birth~=":"*08-04"

  "/type/reflect/any_value": [{
    "link": {
      "master_property": {
        "name": "Date of birth"
    "type": "/type/datetime",
    "value~=": "*08-04"
  "name": null,
  "type": "/common/topic"

I get the following error message: "*08-04 is a JSON string, but the expected type is /type/datetime"

Is there anyway I can query regular expressions regarding dates?

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You can do this easily using the Freebase Search API now like this:

filter=(all type:/common/topic /people/person/date_of_birth:-08-04)

Try it

As a bonus, the results are ranked by notability in Freebase so you get the most notable people born on that day.

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