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I am trying to replace a string inside of any matching line within a file, for the most part I know how to do this.

What I can't figure out / find info on is how to parse speical chars in the line.

sed -i 's/' *.db

Nothing special with this, I use simular ones all the time. What I am trying to do is this.

Cut $_CFG["document_root"]. from a line.

IE: So line one below looks like line two below.


Thanks a bunch in advance, I am still looking around while I post this for examples. Its been the better part of an hour so far.

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You need to escape the special characters e.g. [.

sed 's/$_CFG\["document_root"\]\.//g' file
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Thanks! that worked perfect +1 beer –  alex j Jul 22 '13 at 15:46

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