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I am currently attempting to migrate a python app to Google App Engine. The application makes use of python's subprocess module to run a bash script that downloads a file from Google Cloud Storage, and then passes the file into an executable file. I am aware that GAE does not allow writing of files and work with the file system, but is there any way I can do this or something similar on GAE? Alternatives and other suggestions are very welcome.

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What does the executable file do? Fetching the file can be performed with python code, but then it depends on what you want to do with the file. –  Greg Jul 22 '13 at 16:55
The executable takes in a Debian package manifest, then returns a .dot file representing a graph of incompatible packages. This is all based on the metadata in the Debian package manifest. –  user2607405 Jul 23 '13 at 7:42

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GAE only runs python code.

Subprocess won't help you. You can't run bash scripts in GAE.

You'll have to rewrite the bash script as a python program, at which point you probably just want to import and run your python script.

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