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I have a method which returns the number of hotels from a webpage:

hotel_count = self.getHotelsList.values

The output of this method is:

[["hotel_0", "hotel_1", "hotel_2", "hotel_3", "hotel_4", "hotel_5", "hotel_6", "hotel_7", "hotel_8", "hotel_9", "hotel_10", "hotel_11", "hotel_12", "hotel_13", "hotel_14", "hotel_15", "hotel_16", "hotel_17", "hotel_18", "hotel_19", "hotel_20", "hotel_21", "hotel_22", "hotel_23", "hotel_24", "hotel_25", "hotel_26", "hotel_27", "hotel_28", "hotel_29", "hotel_30", "hotel_31", "hotel_32", "hotel_33", "hotel_34", "hotel_35", "hotel_36", "hotel_37", "hotel_38", "hotel_39", "hotel_40"]]

I want to know the length of this array, but if I write

hotel_count = self.getHotelsList.values.length

The length is 1. How can I get a length of 41, which is the one I'm expecting?


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The array you are showing is nested inside another array. So the outer array is of length 1, the inner array is what you want.

To get it you have to first get the first element of the outer array using [0] or first


I am not sure why your getHotelsList method returns a nested array, it doesn't appear to need it.

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Thanks! I was trying with [0] but couldn't make it work. Using 'first' did the trick, though. –  Samer Jul 22 '13 at 16:18
@Samer: It should work with [0] as well. –  undur_gongor Jul 22 '13 at 16:44
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hotel_count = getHotelsList.values.first.length

You can also do it with [0], but first is faster.

Two notes:

  • You don't need self at the beginning.
  • It is a bad habit to use camel case for method names in Ruby. it should better be get_hotels_list.
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Thanks for the tips! I'll fix them right now –  Samer Jul 22 '13 at 16:26
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You could convert that into a single array with flatten:

hotel_count = self.getHotelsList.values.flatten.size
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