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I am trying to use the Registration by Convention feature of Unity in a pretty standard MVC4 app. I'm using the following code...


Here's my problem. If a rebuild is done on the solution, the registration works perfect. If I go right back into debugging the app after I end it, not causing a build, the registration does not work. It appears to add some registrations to the container, but not all.

Has anyone ran into a similar problem or have a solution to this one? I'll provide any additional information that is needed, but I'm assuming this one will only be fixed by "I've seen this before" :)


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Can this be caused by the edit and continue feature of Visual Studio? I've seen similar issues when debugging a WCF service that didn't shut down causing the service's initialization phase to be skipped. It is unlikely that the problem is related to Unity itself. –  Steven Jul 24 '13 at 9:09

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