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I am currently learning mysql. I was able to create a table named user (referenced below). Each user has a unique id. Some users share the same account number. I am having no luck in writing a query that will show results of users who share the same account number. How would I go about that?

  `account` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `role` enum('default','admin','owner') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'default',
  PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
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select id, a.account from users u,
(select account from users
group by account
having count(*)>1) a
where u.account=a.account
order by u.account
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try this

 SELECT * FROM `user`
 WHERE account IN (SELECT account FROM user GROUP BY account HAVING COUNT(*)>1)
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select a.id, b.id 
from users as a, users as b
where a.account=b.account and a.id < b.id;

This finds pairs of users who share an account.

This has some drawbacks:

  1. There are M*(M-1)/2 such pairs whenever M people share an account.
  2. It does a table self join, so time ~ O(N^2)
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