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I am writing a Python script that will help me submit homework assignments. What I want to do is pass the login credentials I have stored in a file to a submission script, after which I will hand over to the user for further input. I have come up with the shell command, cat login_credentials.txt /dev/stdin | python3 I am almost finished, I just don't know how to execute the shell command cat login_credentials.txt /dev/stdin | python3, where is replaced by an arbitrary Python file I have stored in a variable named submission_script. Also, I have tried to say:

import subprocess"cat login_credentials.txt /d")

However, python3 just closes with no output.

Any help would be appreciated, Kind regards, Kabelo Moiloa.

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Take a look on the Popen class of subprocess module (link). You can pass stdin and stdout parameters to it. That should solve your problems.

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