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Most sites I've been to clearly say that for speech recognition, higher quality of microphones lead to better results. I have been surfing around for more details, like how do things like the following affect speech recognition -

  • Sensitivity
  • SNR
  • Frequency Responce
  • Output Impedence

But I would like to know about how these affect speech in more detail. The SNR makes sense for noise cancellation, but I dont know much about the others.

Some websites that I have checked out -



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SNR is pretty important; often, just as important is a constant audio level, which is why close-talking microphones work so much better than desktop microphones. Frequency response is important, particularly a fairly flat response; a broad response (anything past 12 KHz) is less important. Output impedance isn't terribly important at all (assuming it's matched reasonably well to the audio input).

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Cool, thanks for the info! –  Avisek Jul 23 '13 at 18:39

In fact, for the good speech recognition engine the quality of microphones is not so important. Look at speechpad.pw site. It can recognizes speech from very poor microphone.

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