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I'm having an odd design bug in Android only using phonegap with jQuery mobile and ONLY as an installed App. The design flaw is NOT present in a browser or IOS devices. I have a fixed header, which I've heard is probably the culprit, but no solutions or ideas to try...
The white box is not any other div etc, I have placed borders on the containers and its not the container divs. I have also tried placing black backgrounds on everything in the header and this doesn't fix the issue. The first image shows when you have clicked inside the search box and it has focus. The second image is when you hit the android "back" button and the search box loses focus.

ANY IDEAS?! I'm at a loss and spent almost two days on this alone.

images here: I don't have enough reputation to post images yet. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/113065281514649809706/albums/5903511641351365281

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