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I have written a script that calls for two parameters but every time I run I receive an error message:

Line: 7 Char: 21 Error: Expected Literal constant Code: 800A0415

Can some one please help me understand what I am doing wrong here?

The script below is expecting to receive 2 parameters and execute a file deletion based upon those parameters.

The first parameter will contain the path to the file(s) to be deleted, the second parameter will contain a number representing days old.

Dim arg, var1, var2
set arg = wscript.Arguments
var1 = arg(0)
var2 = arg(1)

Const strPath = var1
Dim objFSO
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Call Search (strPath)
WScript.Echo"Completed Successfully."

Sub Search(str)
    Dim objFolder, objSubFolder, objFile
    Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(str)
    For Each objFile In objFolder.Files
        If objFile.DateLastModified < (Now() - var2) Then
        End If
    For Each objSubFolder In objFolder.SubFolders
End Sub
Set objFSO = nothing
Set arg = nothing
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but every time I run I receive an error message -- and that error message would be... ? And it occurs on line... ? – LittleBobbyTables Jul 22 '13 at 19:01
You should rename the question to something that is more indicative of the specific problem. Please also try to clarify by specifying the exact nature of the error. – jepugs Jul 22 '13 at 19:01
Update the error. – WasItMe Jul 23 '13 at 2:45

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Your problem is with the following line:

Const strPath = var1

You cannot set the value of a constant to be a variable. You need to explicitly state a literal thing to be a constant, like:

Const strPath = "C:\Some\Path"

Given what you are trying to do, you would be better off using strPath as a variable and going from there.

Dim strPath : strPath = var1

Or some other similar solution.

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