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Events aren't firing and I'm not sure why.

This is how I initialize my view-

  tabModel1 = new TabModel()
  tabModel2 = new TabModel()
  tabs = new TabModels()
  tabsView = new Tabs({
    collection: tabs
  tabs.add tabModel1
  tabs.add tabModel2
  $('body').append tabsView.$el

And this is my view code

class Tab extends Backbone.View
  className: 'tab'

  initialize: () ->

  render: () =>

    console.log 'child tab selected'

    '.tab' : 'select'

class Tabs extends Backbone.View
  className: 'tabs'

    @collection.on 'add',@_addTab


    tabView = new Tab({
      model: model
    @$el.append tabView.el

    console.log "WHAT?"

    'click .tabs' : '_renderTab()'

Clicking on tabs or on tab is not firing the required click event.Why? I can confirm the elements are being appended.

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You could try 'click .tabs' : '_renderTab'. –  fbynite Jul 22 '13 at 19:24

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Try the following:

class Tab extends Backbone.View
// ...
  'click' : 'select'

class Tabs extends Backbone.View
// ...
  'click' : '_renderTab'
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needed to do 'click' : 'func'

I think it was looking for a .tabs elem which was a child of .tabs.

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