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I am using jquery easyui with angularjs.
I am loading a form template (via ajax) with a lot of components inside.
this is the form coming from ajax:

 <form id="LoginForm" method="post" ng-submit="login()">
     <a href="javascript:void(0)" class="easyui-linkbutton"  nclick="submitForm()">Submit</a>

this is how I render it right after the ajax call:


The problem is that all the form sub components are not becoming easyui widjets and i need to go over each and every one and make it live (after they came from ajax).
for example, I need to render the form and it button in order to make it a widjet...

$('#LoginForm a').linkbutton();

Is there any easyui to re-render the components, something like:



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found it:

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