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I have a widget that I am assigning a callback function to for a specific event.
The following code works and triggers my callback just fine.

$(selector).MyFancyWidget('option', 'onComplete', this._onComplete);

My issue is after the event fires I want to remove the callback from inside the _onComplete method.
onComplete is an event that gets fired in the widget using the _trigger method and works fine. Doing something like

$(selector).MyFancyWidget('option', 'onComplete', $.noop);

Does not detach the callback ( i assume it is just adding another listener.
For clarity here is the code inside the widget that will trigger the event.

instance._trigger('onComplete', e, {currentTarget: instance});

So my question here is how do I remove that callback?
It's not that I don't want to fire the event anymore I just don't want to listen to it anymore.

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The most straightforward way of doing this would be to make the callback only do something once. So wherever you define your _oncomplete function:

var completeRan = false;
this._onComplete = function(e, args) {
    if (completeRan) {
    // Rest of your code.
    completeRan = true;
    return this;
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I was trying to avoid a work around like this but if nobody comes up with anything better I may just have to go this route. –  The_asMan Jul 22 '13 at 20:32
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