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This code works great with FF. It fires up the updateModels funcion.

But, In Chrome it doesn't do anything....

$scope.updateModels = function(model_id,option_txt,option_idx){
console.log('do something');

 <div class="span10" style="margin-bottom:5px;">
  <h1>Models Switcher:</h1>
 <div id="models-container">
 <div class="span3 .model-generic" ng-repeat="model in models">
 <select class="span9" id="model-{{model.idx}}" ng-model="models">
 <option ng-repeat="option in model track by $id($index)" value="{{option.opt_price}}" data-ng- click="$parent.updateModels(model.idx,option)" >

Any ideas ?

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This is because Chrome does not fire a click event for <option>s. See onclick on option tag not working on IE and chrome

Would an ng-change on the <select> not do the trick?

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This worked for me in IE (from 10), FF, Chrome:

<select ng-model="item" ng-options="o.id as o.id for o in list" ng-change="onFunction(item)">{{item}}</select>

where item list is in the form:

$scope.list = [{"id":1},{"id":2},{"id":3},{"id":4},{"id":5}];
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