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I am trying to save the data in DB through the user. User can add html markup so some data will be like <em>texts</em> and sometimes <br> tag is added.

I run into a problem when I extract the data out of the DB and display it to the user, I got a blank field for <br> tag instead of showing '<br>'. Is there a way to display <br> tag as a text in my web browser when the user get data from the DB? Thanks a lot!

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Always use htmlspecialchars() for escaping user's data output.

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You could wrap it in <pre> tags.

The HTML <pre> Element (or HTML Preformatted Text) represents preformatted text. Text within this element is typically displayed in a non-proportional font exactly as it is laid out in the file. Whitespaces inside this element are displayed as typed.


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