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i am using jQuery accordion here my code below

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('ul#accordion a.heading').click(function() {
        if($(this).parent().hasClass('current')) {
            $(this).siblings('ul').slideUp('slow',function() {
        } else {
            $('ul#accordion li.current ul').slideUp('slow',function() {
            $(this).siblings('ul').slideToggle('slow',function() {
        return false;

problem is i want to open 1 li when page load. but its open all li. and here below my php code 1 li categoires and second lis categories item.

<ul id="accordion">     
        $cates=mysql_query('select * from categories order by id desc limit 10');
        while($gets=mysql_fetch_array($cates)) {
    <li class="account">
    echo '<a style="text-decoration:none; color:orange;" href="#'.$title.'" class="heading account nav-user">'.$title.'</a>
    <ul id="'.$title.'">';
        $ads=mysql_query('select * from items where cid="'.$id.'" order by id desc limit 4');
            $stringq = strip_tags($item);
            if (strlen($stringq) > 23) {
                $stringCutq = substr($stringq, 0,25);
                $stringq = substr($stringCutq, 0, strrpos($stringCutq, ' ')).'....'; 
            echo '<li  class="submenu"><a style="text-decoration:none;color:grey;" href="addetail.php?id='.$adid.'">'.$stringq.'</a></li>';
        echo '</ul>';
        echo '</li>';

also if any one have best accordion jquery give me i realy appreciate and forgot to tell you this script include jquey ui.js file. which is big thats y not past here hope my problem is solves here.

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well.... are you hiding them by default? if not, that would explain why they were all open. I don't see any indication that you're hiding them by default. Asking for plugin suggestions is not allowed here. –  Kevin B Jul 22 '13 at 22:07
actualy where i download this accordion script it work fine like when page load then just open 1 li. but not work with me. yes i want to slide up all except 1st li. and when i click another li then 1st close and open where i click –  user2608446 Jul 22 '13 at 22:23

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