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I need to perform some actions periodically on my GTK Ruby program and i am looking for the working example of using gobject.timeout_add() function.

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here is a short example showing a timeout each second that prints the message foo. The true at the end of the timeout block means that you don't want to remove the timeout. Return false when you want the timeout to stop firing.

require 'glib2'

GLib::Timeout.add(1000) do 
  puts "foo"    		

mainloop =
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Thanks. The true at the end of block is that I needed. – demas Nov 22 '09 at 20:37

I have found this solution, but I am not sure:

class MainWin 
   def initialize() 
     @window = Gtk::Window::new 

   def periodic 
     Glib::Timeout.add(100) { periodic } 
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