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This one is bit tough. I made a style switcher for website demo that changes specific div background color. Everything works fine but since that div also contains text and headings , if visitors changes the background to white the headings and text are gone.

So instead adding switch for headings or text for that container , id rather detect the background color change and this way affect the text inside.

By using Tyny color jQuery plugin I set the colors of headings and paragraph to 30% lighter and works almost ok but once you get to white or any way near white I need it to switch to dark.

Is there any way to detect darker/lighter color codes by using jQuery TinyColor and Colorpicker plugin or php? Reason why I also ask for php is because I ported that demo to php as well so either one would work for me.

I have setup a small demo here for you to test http://jsfiddle.net/mwVz6/12/

code is pretty simple and for the demo and my switcher I am using color picker from http://www.eyecon.ro/colorpicker/

    color: '#0000ff',
    onShow: function (colpkr) {
        return false;
    onHide: function (colpkr) {
        return false;
    onChange: function (hsb, hex, rgb) {
        $('#container').css('backgroundColor', '#' + hex);
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And here is the full jquery/php version just in case anyone else needs it themergency.com/… –  Benn Jul 22 '13 at 22:53

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Could this be of any use to you?



Your best bet might be to develop a function which calculates a delta (difference) on how close 2 specific colors are to each other. If the delta is below a certain threshold, you increase the text color to this threshold. The challenge is to determine if the color should be darker or lighter.

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Excellent. right wording is the key , contrast. also found php lib that does similar thing. thank you! –  Benn Jul 22 '13 at 22:39

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