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How to build a C project's indexes from command line? I am thinking to use it in a script so that I can build indexes every night with the latest code.(Our codebase is pretty big, usually it takes hours to build indexes). And, possibly share the index result within the team.

I found this prebuild indexes help doc: Pre-built indexes in CDT 4.0

But it seems to have limitations, for example, it doesn't respect my project settings, In my project, In the Paths and Symbols, I have Include Path, Macros, Source Locations set up. Especially I have some filter patterns set up in the source location. These project specific settings are all saved in .cproject file.

How do I make the command line indexer respect these settings? I guess basically I want the command-line indexer to generate the same result as I do it from GUI.

I am using 3.7.2, CDT 8.0.2

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Just found this:

Unfortunately no CDT version is specified.

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This question might add the missing pieces about specifying the project and stuff like that:… – Martin Gerhardy Oct 29 at 16:26

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