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How do I submit an OSX app to Facebook for approval without an Apple App Store ID?

I am trying to submit my my Leap Motion OSX app to Facebook, but it doesn't have an Apple App Store ID, because it's built for Leap's Airspace marketplace.

The app posts to users' timelines correctly, but the automatic link in the posts links to a dead page, because I can't start the approval process.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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No matter what you do you'll have to code sign it, just instead of using an AppStore Distribution certificate use a development certificate and change your build settings to release instead of Debug. Apple now requires this for Gatekeeper authentication otherwise you have a lot of Mac users scratching their heads when it won't install.

After that wether you export it as a stand alone app or an installer package is down to whatever is required by AirSpace/Facebook.

Hope that helps as I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the exact issue.

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