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I have used sifr to replace the fonts for headlines. It works fine in Firefox and IE.


In Opera however, the headlines of the articles (object-tag within a-tag with-in h1-tag) get as wide as the used text is. If I limit the size of the object-tag via css, it just get's cut off (meaning some text is not displayed at all).

Is there any solution to this?


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I had this same problem. I used jQuery to increase the size of the embeds by some set number of pixels, like +40px. I guess you could also grow them linearly, like by 120%.

I'm curious to see how other people solved this problem.

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That's odd! I'm going to assume that Flash doesn't suddenly behave differently, so the problem is in reading out the width of the HTML element. I supposed you could try limiting the width of the main element you're replacing to see if that helps. Or perhaps place the text in a <span> and replace that?

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