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I am trying to export a large detailed model of a plant (engineering plant) from navisworks as FBX, then import to unity to view. I have tried many combinations of settings, limiting polygons to 10000, 100000, FBX201100, FBX201300, ASCII etc. Export takes 5 minutes, but import into unity takes hours (left it overnight) and then doesn't work with error "checkconsistency transform child can't be loaded". Where am I going wrong?

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Can you export an alternative format, like .obj, so that you can test your mesh in a dedicated tool like Meshlab or Blender? Polygon count shouldn't be a big deal. I've imported meshes around 250K triangles, Unity just splits them up in to N 65536 sized child meshes. –  Jerdak Jul 23 '13 at 13:07

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