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I've reduced the replication factor from 3 to 1, yet do not see any activity from the namenode or between datanodes to remove overly-replicated HDFS file blocks. Is there a way to monitor or force the replication job?

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Changing dfs.replication will only apply to new files you create, but will not modify the replication factor for the already existing files.

To change replication factor for files that already exist, you could run the following command which will be run recursively on all files in HDFS:

hadoop dfs -setrep -w 1 -R /
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Shouldn't it be hadoop fs -setrep -w 1 -R /? –  zeekvfu Nov 28 '13 at 7:35

When you change the default replication factor from 3 to let's say 2 from cloudera manager

Cloudera Manager(CDH 5.0.2) -> HDFS -> Configuration -> View and Edit -> Service-Wide -> Replication -> Replication Factor (dfs.replication) -> 2

then only new data written will have 2 replicas for each block.

Please use

hdfs dfs -setrep 2 /

on command line (generally a node with HDFS Gateway Role) if you want to change the replication factor of all the existing data. This command recursively changes the replication factor of all files under the root directory /.


hdfs dfs -setrep [-R] [-w] <numReplicas> <path>


-w flag requests that the command wait for the replication to complete and can take a very long time

-R flag is just for backwards compatibility and has no effect



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Maybe you can write a map function to remove the file blocks!

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