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I am using cygwin to learn BASH scripting inside windows. I created a directory /mystuff/unixstuff. I tried searching for this unixstuff directory in windows, but I cannot find it. Where does cygwin create files and folders ?

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Are you sure you created /mystuff/unixstuff? Did it give you errors? I ask because you would normally not have permission to do this because of the leading /. If you did successfully create it, cd to it in the bash shell then cygpath -w $(pwd) and this will give you the windows path. – cforbish Jul 23 '13 at 4:48
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Cygwin's root (/) directory is wherever you tell setup.exe to put it when you first install Cygwin.

I think the default is C:\cgywin. I've also used D:\cygwin.

You can use the cygpath command from the Cygwin bash shell to tell you. I'm not on my Cygwin system at the moment, but I think cygpath -w / will show you the Windows path of the Cygwin root, and cygpath -w /mystuff/unixstuff should tell you the Windows path to your /mystuff/unixstuff directory.

BTW, the usual convention for Unix-like systems (including Cygwin) is to put your own files under your home directory. Putting things directly under the root, as you've done with your /mystuff directory, risks interfering with system files. (Your home directory is probably /home/username, or in Windows something like C:\cygwin\home\username.)

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