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everyone. I have been using Boost Graph Library but it's quite difficult to me. Recently, I have tried to draw the following graph (I used .dot file to display coz I don;t have enough reputation to attach a picture, sorry for any inconvenience caused)

enter code here
    0[label = "Prof Nachiket", color = blue];
    1[label = "Nick", color = red];
    2[label = "Lam", color = green];
    0 -- 1[label = "Supervisor"];
    0 -- 1[label = "Supervisor"];
    1 -- 2[label = "Co-worker" ];


And then turn it into a picture with Graphviz. However, I got no idea how to add information such as label, color into edges of graph. In other words, I have a little or no idea how to draw above graph by using Boost Graph Library. Could anyone help me out? Thanks a lot

Best Regards

Nick Ng

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Its a dube, see


There are many resources online which specifies how to draw advanced graphs using Graphviz. Here are some which I have found useful in the past:

  • www.graphviz.org/pdf/dotguide.pdf‎
  • www.graphviz.org/content/attrs
  • www.graphviz.org/content/output-formats
  • www.graphviz.org/doc/info/shapes.html
  • http://graphviz-dev.appspot.com/

The last link is an online render, very useful if you dont have graphviz on your machine. For your specific question here's a simple example using colored edges and labels:


    0 [label = "Prof Nachiket", color=blue shape=ellipse ];
    1 [label = "Nick", color = red shape=Mdiamond];
    2 [label = "Lam", color = green shape=diamond];
    0 -- 1[label = "Supervisor" color=pink];
    1 -- 2[label = "Co-worker" color=red penwidth=2];


Image generated from above dot code

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Thanks for your reply. But seems you have misunderstood my query. First I need to build up everything about my graph by using Boost Graph Library, then it's going to be turned into my above attached code –  nicknguyen128 Jul 23 '13 at 8:27
I see, sorry for that! I'll post a new answer shortly. –  Rasmus Jul 23 '13 at 8:58
Your question has been asked many times before. I have linked to related/similar question and based on that info you should be able to solve your issue. –  Rasmus Jul 23 '13 at 9:08

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