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class User(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'users'

    addresses = relationship('Address', order_by='Address.id', backref='user')

class Address(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'addresses'

    user_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey('users.id'))

The above code shows a very common one-to-many configuration in SQLAlchemy.

How can I get the backref name which is 'user' in the User class from a instance of Address? How can I know that I have a attribute named 'addresses' in the User class which indicates that User has many addresses?

I can get all the column information from the __table__.columns attribute, but seems like these are stored there as well.

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we're trying to encourage use of the inspect() api new in 0.8:

>>> from sqlalchemy import inspect
>>> inspect(User).attrs.keys()
['addresses', 'id']
>>> User.addresses.property.backref
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thanks, I am using 0.8, that's really helpful –  castiel Jul 25 '13 at 1:03

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