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I want to get the crawled content by nutch in text file. I have used the #readseg commads but output is not fruitful.

Is there is some plugin which can get nutch to crawl and store the url and content in text file.

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The plugin should work in linux version of nutch. –  Rahul Jul 23 '13 at 5:24
Maybe this question can help. –  Mike Apr 3 '14 at 3:24

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You can modify Fetch Job of Nutch to get URLs and page content belong to the URLs during the crawling process. In the source code file (src/java/org/apache/nutch/fetcher/FetcherReducer.java):

      case ProtocolStatusCodes.SUCCESS:        // got a page
          String URL= TableUtil.reverseUrl(fit.url); //URL
          content = Bytes.toString(ByteBuffer.wrap((content.getContent()))));//URL belong the URL
          output(fit, content, status, CrawlStatus.STATUS_FETCHED);

Hope this helps,

Le Quoc Do

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