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I am using Sage Assemblies in my Visual Studio 2008 project. But when the project is deployed in a 64 bit OS, it crashes with type initializer exception. I tried setting the Copy Local = false so that assemblies from the target PC's GAC would be used.

For the record, I also navigated to the GAC directory of the target PC and the Processor Architecture = x86 for the assemblies for which I am getting exception. Also running corsflag shows the assemblies are 32 bit.

Does that the mean the assemblies have to be MSIL or x64 to work in 64 bit OS?

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So, I got my answers and it is not required for assemblies to be x64 or MSIL to work on 64 bit OSs. All I had to do was build my setup project against the architecture of the assemblies which was 32 bit.

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