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I am using Proc NLMIXED for parameter estimates and Likelihood ratio criterion of a distribution using a random sample. I have no idea about initial values, so I try different initial values to obtain minimum value of Likelihood ratio criterion (Minimum is best). Parameters obtained from NLMIXED its fit is not close to empirical fit of original data. I study there may be critical point which gives us misleading results, to counter this (best of my knowledge) OPTCHECK is used. But I have no idea how to used and where to used OPTCHECK. Any other suggestion regarding how we find best fit is welcome.

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You might try asking on [CrossValidated](stats.stackexchange.com) if this is a statistics question (ie, how to design a mixed model). This doesn't sound like it's really a programming question per se (ie, how to actually write a procedure). –  Joe Jul 23 '13 at 14:00
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