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When intergrating with web application, we need to provide the URL and Port number, so that JMeter can start recording.

But if you have a Java Swing Application, is it possible to intergrate with JMeter?

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From their web site :

Can load and performance test many different server types:

    Web - HTTP, HTTPS
    Database via JDBC
    Mail - SMTP(S), POP3(S) and IMAP(S)
    Native commands or shell scripts

So I'm going to have to say no...

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With a bit of effort this should be entirely possible given that JMeter is written in Java. You can download the source code from here, and once you have that it will be a case of finding the right classes in the source code which run tests using JMeter & report the results, and you should then be able to call these from your own application.

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