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I'm a newbie learning to build simple extensions and I'm messing a little with the adblock one and I need your help.

I tried to add a simple image to the adblock menu but the image won't load, and I can't figure out why.

Here's a screenshot of what I currently get:enter image description here

And here's my source code:

    <div id="titletext"><span>AdBlock</span></div>

    <!-- ************ Status messages *********** -->

    <div id="block_counts" class="box">
      <a id="block_counts_help" style="float:right" i18n="whats_this" href="https://getadblock.com/gplus/v2.6-released/">What's this?</a>
      <div i18n="blocked_ads" class="header">Blocked ads:</div>
      <div style="padding-left: 1em">
        <div i18n="blocked_n_on_this_page" i18n_replacement_el="page_blocked_count" class="i18n-replaced"><span class="block_count_number" id="page_blocked_count">123</span> on this page</div>

        <div i18n="blocked_n_in_total" i18n_replacement_el="total_blocked_count" class="i18n-replaced"><span class="block_count_number" id="total_blocked_count">123,456</span> in total</div>


      <div id="block_counts_controls">
        <input type="checkbox" id="toggle_badge_checkbox" checked="checked">
        <label for="toggle_badge_checkbox" i18n="show_on_adblock_button">Show on AdBlock button</label>

    <div id="div_status_whitelisted" class="menu-entry" style="display: none;">
      <span style="font-style:italic;" i18n="disabled_on_this_page">AdBlock is disabled on this page.</span>
      <a i18n="enable" href="#">enable</a>

    <div i18n="status_disabled" id="div_status_disabled" class="menu-entry" style="font-style: italic; display: block;">Your daily quote is ready sir</div>

    <div id="div_status_paused" class="menu-entry" style="display: none;">
      <span i18n="status_paused" style="font-style:italic;">AdBlock is paused.</span>
      <a i18n="unpause" href="#">unpause</a>

    <!-- ************ Standard menu entries *********** -->

    <div i18n="undo_last_block" id="div_undo" class="menu-entry" style="display: none;">Undo last block</div>

    <div id="separator0" class="separator" style="display: block;"></div>
    <div i18n="block_an_ad_on_this_page" id="div_blacklist" class="menu-entry" style="display: none;">Block an ad on this page</div>

    <div i18n="dont_run_on_this_page" id="div_whitelist_page" class="menu-entry" style="display: none;">Don't run on this page</div>

    <div id="div_whitelist" class="menu-entry" i18n="dont_run_on_pages_on_domain" style="display: none;">Don't run on pages on this domain</div>

    <div id="separator3" class="separator" style="display: none;"></div>

    <div id="div_show_resourcelist" class="menu-entry" i18n="show_resourcelist" style="display: none;">Show the resource list</div>

    <div id="div_report_an_ad" class="menu-entry" i18n="report_ad_on_page" style="display: none;">Report an ad on this page</div>        

    <div id="separator1" class="separator" style="display: none;"></div>

    <!-- **************** Extras ************** -->

    <div i18n="options" id="div_options" class="menu-entry" style="display: block;">Options</div>

    <div class="separator" id="separator2" style="display: block;"></div>

  </div> <!-- menu-items-->

  <div id="div_slideout" data-width="675" data-height="480">
    <div style="margin: 5px 0">
      <div id="link_close" style="float:right; display:none;"><a href="#">x</a></div>
      <a href="#" id="link_open" i18n="spread_the_word">Please, help me spread the word!</a>
    <div id="slideout_wrapper" style="display:none; clear:left;">
</div> <!-- wrapper -->

<script src="popup.js"></script>

Hope that I'm clear, I'm sure it's a simple technical bug, yet I can't spot it.

Thanks for your help, I love this forum! :)


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Where is your code which is responsible for adding image to your content. I can't spot it; –  Damian0o Jul 23 '13 at 6:25
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