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How can i get value of delay for tap-and-hold on Windows Mobile? I.e. the delay between tap and the circles being drawn and/or the context menu appearing.

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If you just want to implement tap-and-hold behaviour in a control which doesn't natively support it you should look into using the SHRecognizeGesture API which handles the entire process (including optional drawing of the dots) automagically.

I have not checked, but according to the documentation the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GWE\Commctrl\UseLongDelayForGestures may also be of interest. In the MSDN article this is documented as follows:

No default setting. This value controls the recognition delay used by SHRecognizeGesture. If this value is set to 1, then the delay is 800 ms. Otherwise, the delay is 400 ms.

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