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I have a table that name is _VERSION_HISTORY I got ORA-00911 error while truncating this table. Oracle allow the name start with underscore(_) but throws an error while truncating it. Is it a silly mistake?

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Oracle does not allow database object names to start with an underscore:

SQL> create table _T34 (col1 number);
create table _T34 (col1 number)
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00911: invalid character


So you must have used double quotes when creating that table:

SQL> create table "_T34" (col1 number);

Table created.


Having done that once you must use double quotes whenever you reference that object?

SQL> truncate table "_T34";

Table truncated.


So is it "a silly mistake"? Yes, but alas on your part (or whoever decided on using double-quotes to circumvent Oracle's naming conventions). Find out more.

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It seems like you have tried to execute SQL statement with a special charter in it. I don't think it is to do with the truncate command. You might just replace the truncate with a simple Select and test this scenario. Note that the special character might appear as white space due to the font you are using.

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There is a simpler explanation. See my answer. –  APC Jul 23 '13 at 7:03

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