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i am trying to create a new vm in virtual box and use the already existing hard disk but when i try to select the existing hard disk file (i have .vhd file), it is showing that the virtual hard disk cannot be used becaue the UUID already exists.

so i tried the command

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /home/user/VirtualBox VMs/drupal/drupal.vhd

to change the UUID for .vhd file. but i am getting this error


sethduuid <filepath> [<uuid>]
       Assigns a new UUID to the given image file. This way, multiple copies
       of a container can be registered.

WARNING: This is a development tool and shall only be used to analyse
         problems. It is completely unsupported and will change in
         incompatible ways without warning.

Syntax error: Invalid UUID parameter

How can i resolve this?

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I found it

if i use " " at the end it will work

finally here is the command

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid "/home/user/VirtualBox VMs/drupal/drupal.vhd"
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I really wish VirtualBox will have some UI or a window that allow us to change this –  fedmich Feb 11 at 15:49

Though you have solved the problem, I just post the reason here for some others with the similar problem.

The reason is there's an space in your path(directory name VirtualBox VMs) which will separate the command. So the error appears.

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The command fails because it has space in one of the folder name, i.e. 'VirtualBox VMs.

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /home/user/VirtualBox VMs/drupal/drupal.vhd

If there is no space at folder name or file name, then the command will work even without quoting it, e.g. after changing 'VirtualBox VMs' into 'VBoxVMs'

VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /home/user/VBoxVMs/drupal/drupal.vhd
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