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I have found so much code that fetches cell-id and location area code and I use the code below to fetch cell-id and location area code.

TelephonyManager telephonyManager = (TelephonyManager)getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
GsmCellLocation cellLocation = (GsmCellLocation) telephonyManager.getCellLocation();

int cid = cellLocation.getCid();
int lac = cellLocation.getLac();

The problem is, when I use an airtel-sim card it works fine and give cell-id =4331 and loc =610. But when I use a relience-sim card then it give wrong result cell-id =11541 and loc=18823. How might I resolve this?

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Hi,i use the code from the url sunil-android.blogspot.in/2013/01/… to fetch the location and it works fine for airtel but in case relience it does not work . as i know it means that location area code and cell id that i get in case of relience is incorrect. any help? –  User10001 Jul 23 '13 at 7:52
There are many application that show correct cell id but my code doesnot work for 3g simcard . –  User10001 Mar 17 at 7:28
what is your result with your relience-sim by using cid = cellLocation.getCid() & 0xffff;? –  SatelliteSD Mar 23 at 13:30
cell-id = 11541 –  User10001 Mar 25 at 17:06

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Solutions are highlighted in the following thread: Android: CellID not available on all carriers?

In short you need to mask the number you get from getCid() when in 3G network with 0xffff. Following is a snippet:

GsmCellLocation cellLocation = (GsmCellLocation)telm.getCellLocation();

new_cid = cellLocation.getCid() & 0xffff;
new_lac = cellLocation.getLac() & 0xffff;

Hope that helps

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I have already try this. –  User10001 Mar 25 at 17:05

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