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I have a subdomain named: www.childsite.com which is a subfolder of www.mymainsite.com

I have created a subfolder called "dashboard" and put it in the domain folder, so I can access that using www.mymainsite.com/dashboard without any problems.

What I really wanted is to put the "dashboard" folder in the subdomain (www.childsite.com) so the folder structure for that would be: mymainsite.com - childsite.com -dashboard

but when i accessed the wwww.childsite.com/dashboard it gives me a "page not found" error...

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Create a folder out site your root directory, if possible. Call it childsite. In your DNS, you will have to set a CName record for childsite.mainsite.com. On your server, if you are running IIS, create a new site with the host name set to childsite.mainsite.com. The root directory for this new site should be the folder you named childsite. If your folder named childsite isn't located in the root directory of mainsite.com then the users cannot access it by going to mainsite.com/childsite/ Simply put the folder dashboard within the childsite folder and you should be all set one the DNS records take effect. (If you're not hosting the DNS yourself.)

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There's already a www.childsite.com subdomain but when I put the "dashboard" folder there, I get a page not found error. If i open www.childsite.com it works out just fine –  user2609656 Jul 23 '13 at 9:54

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