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I have a fiddle here

That contains a model

Item = Backbone.Model.extend({....})
Apvdtl = Backbone.Model.extend()

and a collection

Apvdtls = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Apvdtl

and populate the collection with Apvdtl Model e.g.

apvdtls.add([{ itemid: 'c4676cef679a11e28b7a3085a942bd8e', qty: 10 }, 
             { itemid: '1da17339690f11e285d63085a942bd8e', qty: 5 }])

and generated this view


but what im trying to do is to is to make a view like this


by fetching the Item with ID on this JSON File

ApvdtlView = Backbone.View.extend({
    tagName: 'tr'
    initialize: function(){
        this.model.on('change', this.render, this);
        this.template = _.template('<td><%=itemid%></td><td><%=qty%></td>');
    render: function(){

        item.set({'id': this.model.get('itemid')});
        // item = {id: 'c4676cef679a11e28b7a3085a942bd8e'}

        item.fetch(); // but this doesnt get the data
        // this should contain this data after i fetch 
        // item = {"id": "c4676cef679a11e28b7a3085a942bd8e",
        //         "code": "prp125", "descriptor": "Paper", "price": "7.00"}

        // build new data to render
        var data = {
            "itemid": item.get('descriptor'),
            "qty": this.model.get('qty')

        return this;
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First Ajax is Async . So you never know when the response comes back, so it is better to attach it to an event.

ApvdtlView = Backbone.View.extend({
    tagName: 'tr',
    initialize: function () {

            // This listens to the sync and change event and renders the item
        this.listenTo(this.model, 'change sync', this.render);
        this.template = _.template('<td> <%=itemid%> </td>' +

    render: function () {

        return this;

Next url property has to be set for the Model ApvdtlView as that is being fetched from the server.

Next is you cannot hit this url from your domain

urlRoot: ''

as it is a different domain as it violates the cross origin policy. You need to use jsonp to get this

Check Fiddle

JSONP request Fiddle

Now you can see the data that is fetched in the network tab but throws an error since the callback has to be handled serverside

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Thanks for the answer! =) but my view(ApvdtlView) dont need url because im just using it to render for may "data" from the collection(Apvdtls). regarding the url im just trying to "get the data there" and not intended for saving. The data for view(ApvdtlView) is from two model: the model(Item) and from this code apvdtls.add([{ itemid: 'c4676cef679a11e28b7a3085a942bd8e', qty: 10 }]) so i just build a new dataset for my view(ApvdtlView) not to my 'ApvdtlView's model(Apvdtl `) –  jrsalunga Jul 24 '13 at 1:13

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