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cts-tf > run cts -p android.uiautomator

07-23 16:00:48 I/TestInvocation: Starting invocation for 'cts' on build '4.2_r1' on device


07-23 16:00:48 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Created result dir 2013.07.23_16.00.48

07-23 16:00:49 E/CtsTest:
Failed to install CtsUiAutomatorApp.apk
. Reason:


07-23 16:01:00 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Collecting device info

07-23 16:01:01 I/0123456789ABCDEF: -----------------------------------------

07-23 16:01:01 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Test package android.uiautomator started

07-23 16:01:01 I/0123456789ABCDEF: -----------------------------------------

07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Saved log device_logcat_1318543845250987213.zip

07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Saved log host_log_64811981574212401.zip

07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: android.uiautomator package complete: Passed 0, Failed 0, Not Executed 34

07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Created xml report file at



07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: XML test result file generated at 2013.07.23_16.00.48.

Passed 0, Failed 0, Not Executed 34

07-23 16:01:02 I/0123456789ABCDEF: Time: 14s

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try by Restarting your device, and by clearing your project

uninstalling the previous application, and than install it again !

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CtsUiAutomatorApp.apk is an app in cts folder, so to uninstall previous application it should install first :) –  Ethan Jul 23 '13 at 8:48
@Ethan try updated answer ! –  Tarsem Jul 23 '13 at 9:19
I tried this morning, but it still can't run at all...I consider that download a brand new cts from Google maybe a good way to go. –  Ethan Jul 24 '13 at 6:18
Were you able to run the android.uiautomator? I am finding the same issue. –  Jorge Apr 1 '14 at 18:11

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