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I need to use SPSS command prompt to convert syntax export to sav (I need to do it programatically from a wcf service). I tried using command prompt giving it sps, dat and spj file where spj is an xml with syntaxpath to sps and it does something but with no result (no file).

I opened the syntax file in spss and even in SPSS I only get option to save it as a syntax, not as a sav file.

What am I missing to create a sav file from these 3 files (dat or csv i guess, sps and spj)?

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A syntax file and a sav file are fundamentally different things. You cannot convert one into other. Please clarify what you are trying to do.

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Sorry, I'm a SPSS newbie, dont know much of it. So basically I get a syntax export from somewhere which contains a .dat file (almost like csv, values separated by tab) and .sps which is something like metadata description for that .dat. I create .spj file that points to .sps and supposedly forward it to stats.exe (from the instructions i got "stats -production silent <filename.spj>" should produce .sav file but it doesnt work. – Rudonja Jul 24 '13 at 8:32

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