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I recently asked this question and got the answer. I have another related query before proceeding. I am processing possibilities of using Play Framework (any Java framework for that matter) for frontend to reduce the load of calling a java application running Solrj and making output in Json and reading on frontend via PHP to display. I am wondered if I use Play Framework and as we know, Solrj can work inherently with Java, I can have a class for Solrj in my application and can work on it directly without need of reading any JSON. Does it sounds a good idea? Or will it greatly slowdown site load time due to loading of Solrj everytime. It can be considered a general question as well, not just for Solj.

Is it feasible to use different Java libraries with Play Framework, or should I do all processing in a different application, provide output to Play Framework as Json , read it from there. Does it make any difference ?

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The maven repository even generates Scala/SBT code for including it into project/Build.scala. Its kinda easy to add Solrj into your project.

You can call Solr from Play using its HTTP and JSON libraries:

Call Solr asynchronous from Play Framework

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