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Suppose i have a loptop with intel HD3000 graphics inside i5 and an AMD random HD6750M. We know we can switch from intel HD Graphics to AMD HD6750M Graphics by using AMD switchable graphics button in AMD Catalyst 13.6. We can either use Inter Graphics or AMD Graphics, but not both at the same time.

In order to do some OpenGL programming, i suppose I want the Intel Graphics to render the normal screen for display, and use the AMD GPU to do some parallel computing at the same time at background, does it make sense?

So, how can i turn on the Intel GPU while still can see the AMD GPU in the Hardware Manager(turn it on as well)? Normally, when you are on Intel GPU, you won't see AMD GPU. When you are on AMD GPU, you will see Intel GPU. But it's the AMD Gpu rendering the screen.

Perhaps, using .net(C#), OpenGL api ? Any ideas?

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this post seems to imply that most hardware configurations do not support this. If you can enable them both, then you could try using OpenCL, as far as I remember one of the samples enumerates the possible devices you can use. –  Slicedpan Jul 23 '13 at 13:31
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