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I styled my action bar with Android Action Bar Style Generator, so when i press an action drop down item, the background color changes to a custom color instead of the default. Now i want to implement this behavior in the old options menu, too. I tried everything from this answer collection, unfortunately none of them worked. How can i achieve this on the options menu? Note that i'm using ActionbarSherlock and HoloEverywhere, but i think this does not matter here, because these uses the native implementation for the options menu.

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I partially solved the issue. I generated a theme for List Selector with the Android Holo Colors Generator. I applied the theme. The option menu style also changed on API 11+, because it uses List Selector to theme the options menu dropdown list. I still cannot properly style the options menu on API 10 and below, but at least my application theme is consistent from API 11.

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