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I'm trying to get Bluetooth working on Android x86 in virtualbox. I have tried both Virtualbox on Linux and Windows, with the latest android x86 iso, but the problem is the same: the bluetooth adapter of my thinkpad-laptop host (that is fully working) is not recognized.

I have found similar discussions:

How to test Bluetooth Based Application on Android emulator using VM Machine

how to test bluetooth application on emulators in android

Unfortunately the same steps does not solve my problem.

Should I try another virtualization software and/or another android x86 iso?

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I would suggest trying a different ISO first. –  CatShoes Jul 24 '13 at 14:49

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I had a similar problem a few months ago - found these steps were needed to make it work:

  1. # poweroff
  2. settings -> USB -> Alt+Ins, this popped up "Unknown Device 0A12:0001[0134]", I clicked on it, I could see the device selected under USB device Filters
  3. clicke on OK.
  4. Select the guest OS i.e., Ubuntu 10.04, click on start.
  5. fiddled with the USB dongle (insert - remove - insert bluetooth dongle).

Now it threw a message box, "Failed to set bluetooth power, The error reported is: Connection timed out"

  1. # gedit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
  2. Replace 'RememberPowered' parameter from "true" to "false" (ofcourse with out quotes ).
  3. Save and close.
  4. # reboot

After the system is up ... 10. # hciconfig -a output this is showing me the device
11. # hictool scan can see the mobiles, which have activated their bluetooth

More info here: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=34867

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VirtualBox is capable of sharing USB devices. Your bluetooth dongle may or may not be internally connected trough USB. I have two Thinkpads, both with bluetooth inside, and only one of them has it on USB.

The trick mentioned on many "I want to test my Android Bluetooth app" solutions assume that your Bluetooth device uses USB, ait it won't work when it doesn't.

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