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I'm trying to call the upload file function from a href link and even though the browse box is being displayed, I can't run the validation on the selected file. Here is the code that I have:

<a href="#" onclick="$('input[id=formmedia]').click();"><div class="sidebarSectionLink">Click here to add files</div></a> //Calls the browse box

<input type="file" id="formmedia" style="display: none;"> //Hidden input

//Post Photo Jquery
var pic=$("#formmedia").val();
if(pic.length < 1){
    $('.sidebarSectionLink').html("Please Add A Photo").removeClass("success").addClass("error");
    picok = 2;
else if(pic.indexOf('jpg') === -1 && pic.indexOf('jpeg') === -1 && pic.indexOf('png') === -1 && pic.indexOf('gif') === -1){
    $('.sidebarSectionLink').html("Invalid File Format").removeClass("success").addClass("error");
    picok = 2;
else {
    picok = 1;
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document.getElementById('formmedia').onchange = uploadOnChange;

function uploadOnChange(){
    //Validation here

or the jQuery version


Because the field is hidden, onblur won't fire, but changes can happen even on hidden items.

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