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I'm using Service Bus For Windows Server v1.0. I have a service which is running in the LocalSystem (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) account or NetworkService (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE). I want to give that service manage rights on the default namespace in service bus.

I've run:

set-sbnamespace -name ServiceBusDefaultNamespace -ManageUsers 

With the result:

Name                  : ServiceBusDefaultNamespace
AddressingScheme      : Path
CreatedTime           : 7/19/2013 2:40:52 PM
IssuerName            : ServiceBusDefaultNamespace
IssuerUri             : ServiceBusDefaultNamespace
ManageUsers           : {nt authority\system, nt authority\network service,

But when trying to create a Queue, I get the error:

The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Authorization 
failed for specified action: Manage..TrackingId:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 
TimeStamp:7/23/2013 9:31:31 AM

If I try to add the System Account "MY_DOMAIN\MY_SERVER$" it complains that the account doesn't exist even though this works perfectly for MS SQL Server.

If I try to run the service as MY_DOMAIN\MY_USER that works but it's not ideally what I want.

I have tried restarting the server after making the config changes.

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suggest to use shared access key.

To get the connection string with shared access key, run PowerShell cmd:

$authRule = Get-SBAuthorizationRule -NamespaceName ServiceBusDefaultNamespace
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