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My question is:

I want to test 'getThirdPayUrl' by mocking the 'getThirdPayUrlSpec', how do I create a mock class with phpunit?

class BasePayController{
    public static function getThirdPayUrl($type,$order,$arr,&$url){
        //$objCtrl = new AliPayController();
        $objCtrl = self::getPayController($type);
        $ret =  $objCtrl->getThirdPayUrlSpec($order,$arr,$url);
        return $ret;
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The PHPUnit Manual has a section with examples for Mock's. Start here and then if you are having issues, please post a more detailed question.

Basically, your test will Mock the BasePayController, and will return a hard set URL for testing.

require_once 'BasePayController.php';

class BasePayControllerTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    public function testThirdPartyURL()
        // Create a stub 
        $stub = $this->getMockBuilder('BasePayController')

        // Configure the stub.

        // Test the Stub
        $this->assertEquals('http://Dummy.com/URLToTest', $stub->getThirdPartyUrl());
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I want to mock the class AliPayController by this way, $stub = $this->getMockBuilder('alipay') ->setMethods(array('getThirdPayUrlSpec')) ->setMockClassName('AliPayController') ->disableOriginalConstructor() ->getMock('AliPayController',array('getThirdPayUrlSpec')); $stub->expects($this->any()) ->method('getThirdPayUrlSpec') ->will($this->returnValue(true)); . why the result of var_dump(new AliPayController()) is equal NUll –  gaoyaning Jul 24 '13 at 5:54
class alipay{ public function getThirdPayUrlSpec(){ return 0; } } –  gaoyaning Jul 24 '13 at 6:04
Might be easier to address this as a new question, since it will keep the formatting. However, you should not need to set all the values you have (setMethods, setMockClassName) as the defaults will likely work. $stub is the object mock, which needs to be called, as it replaces the real alipay(). This is for testing, so only your test code will use the $stub object in place of the real object. –  Steven Scott Jul 24 '13 at 13:03
Thanks for your help –  gaoyaning Jul 25 '13 at 9:56
No problem. Did this help answer your question though? If so, please accept as it helps it appear in searches, which could then help other people with the same issue. –  Steven Scott Jul 25 '13 at 13:01

My solution is as follows,first php need to install a plug-in named php-test-helper

class BasePayControllerTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    protected function setUp()
          'AliPayContoller',                    /* name of class to mock     */
          array('getThirdPayUrlSpec'),          /* list of methods to mock   */
          array(),                              /* constructor arguments     */
          'AliPayMock'                             /* name for mocked class     */

        set_new_overload(array($this, 'newCallback'));   //php-test-helper  plug-in

    protected function tearDown()
        unset_new_overload();      //php-test-helper plug-in

    protected function newCallback($className)
        switch ($className) {
            case 'AliPayContoller': return 'AliPayMock';
            default:    return $className;

    public function testgetThirdPayUrl()
        $foo = new BasePayController;
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